The Cottage

La Isla del Júcar is a traditional Valencian farmhouse that was built in the early twentieth century, and was used both to house its inhabitants as for sheltering animals and storing working tools in rural areas. Its stays were those for the lifestyle of the time, stockyards, carriage steps, chambers to store cattle feed, the hearth for cooking and heating the house along with the bedrooms formed housing by then.

Little remains of the primary housing because that all units have been renovated till the detail with warmth and charm, adapting to current needs for the accommodation of guests become an experience of comfort and pleasure.

In the restoration it has respected the tradition and attempted to preserve the architectural style of the time, keeping items such as doors, high ceilings with wooden beams, thick stone walls and cupboards and the hearth turned into fireplace.

Also it have used materials like clay, Valencian ceramics and woods chosen. All this mixed with cotton, linen, colors blue, ocher and brown combined properly and next to furniture, carefully chosen in each room, make La Isla del Júcar a blend of air refined and rustic that invites relaxation and time enjoyment.



Ground floor

Upper floor